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Our experience and know-how in engine parts and accessories repair literally pays off for you, our customers. For major engine parts, repairing is much more economical than replacing with new parts. The Engine Parts & Accessories Repair (EPAR) services are individually tailored – whether you are looking for a repair according to the OEM manual, for a FAA minor/major-approved repair or for a repair solution using cost-efficient spare parts. Our network for engine parts repair and product technology spans the globe. All of our centers are first-rate in their specific areas of capability  – and make sure that your order will be taken care of in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Capabilities and prices for engine parts & accessories repairs

Capabilities and prices for engine parts & accessories repairs

Use our capability finder to check a part number for capabilities and prices. You can also search by engine type to find out more about our EPAR special repairs. An app is available for iOS and Android systems (please search for "EPAR catalog" in your Apple iTunes or Google PlayStore).

EPAR: Longer life and less shop visits

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By using benchmark EPAR repair technologies, you can reduce costs considerably and benefit from the increased service life of your components. Whilst avoiding scrap and expensive new parts purchase, EPAR allows for an optimization of both the total costs and the on-wing time of your engines with a longer mean time between shop visits. We offer nearly 100 percent in-house repair capability. And as we have a strong interest in utilizing dismantled parts, we have set up a dedicated engine teardown shop in the USA.

Our EPAR product portfolio:

Combustion chambers
Engine accessories
Turbine blades and vanes
Compressor blades and vanes
Spools, discs and casings
Tubes and ducts

Engine Parts Repair technologies

Don't scrap what can be fixed

We focus on developing new repair techniques. Today you find numerous repairs recommended as standard procedures in the manuals of engine manufacturers which were originally invented by our engineers. A good example for this is our Advanced Recontouring Process (ARP) for worn compressor blades. The software-controlled process creates a completely new leading edge profile with optimum aerodynamic characteristics. "Making a good engine even better" is not just empty words for us. Our innovative techniques not only increase the service life of your engine, but help to reduce the fuel consumption as well. With our industrial services, we make our special knowledge of repair procedures even available for other industries.

Newest repair procedures

Big savings with bulkhead panel repairs

With two straightforward repair processes for the CFM56-5C engine's bulkhead panel, we offer a dependable and economic solution. The fire shield bulkhead panels of a turbofan isolate the thermal area from adjacent structural parts and protect the engine in case of flashbacks. During incoming inspections, we frequently observed strong wear above the limit on the support plates of the low pressure turbine cooling manifold tube support. The Engine Shop Manual (ESM) does not offer a repair solution – the part would normally have to be scrapped and replaced.


We developed a repair process that comprises replacing the worn support plates with re-engineered locally manufactured parts. Form, fit and function of the new support plates are identical with the exchanged parts. Another fault regularly found was severe damage to the seal retaining lip. We perform a weld repair to restore the worn part to original drawing requirements. Both repairs are highly efficient and avoid the necessity to scrap parts.

Engine Parts & Accessories Repairs

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